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Chapter 15: Dragons Do Not Lie in Puddles

You can understand it; our range of seeing is very small, so is our range of hearing. Right now you don’t hear any radio station. All around the earth thousands of radio stations are broadcasting, and those waves are passing by your side. They are available to your ears, but your ears’ range is not so deep that it can catch them.

It happened in the Second World War. A man got a bullet in his head, the bullet was removed, but something happened within his brain system that he started hearing the nearest radio station without any radio, perfectly well and correctly.

First he was puzzled. There is no radio around and he can hear every statement, the time and the songs and everything. He said to the doctors - he was still in the hospital - that something was strange. Nobody believed him, because it had never happened.

But finally they had to try - at least hypothetically try. In another room they put a radio, and one doctor was there taking notes. Another doctor was with the patient taking notes of what was going on in the radio broadcast. They were surprised. He was absolutely accurate.

You might think that it was a great thing; he should have enjoyed! Nobody can enjoy it for twenty-four hours, because there is nothing, no way to put it off. He could not sleep, he could not talk, because the continuous radio broadcast was going through his head. He could not hear people properly. He was going crazy. His ear had to be operated on.

But that gave an insight that although all kinds of waves are passing by - radio waves, television waves.your net is just small and it does not catch them. Either they are above it or they are below it. What we see is just a small range of things. The blind man cannot see the light, but do you think the blind man can see darkness? Ordinarily it is presumed that a blind man must live in darkness; you are wrong. The blind man cannot even see darkness, because he has no eyes to see. If you can see darkness, there is no problem in seeing light, because light and darkness are one phenomenon. Close your eyes and it is dark; open your eyes and it is light. Don’t think that the blind person is just like you, because you close your eyes and you see darkness. The same is not the situation of the person who is born blind, because he has nothing to compare it with - he has never seen light. How can he say, “This is darkness”?

Hofuku said, “What is the Tathagata’s language?”
Chokei said, “How can a deaf person hear it?”

He is saying that only those who are not deaf know the language of Buddha. Those who are deaf may hear his words but will not understand his language, will hear his words but will not understand the meaning - most probably will misunderstand his meaning.

Hofuku said, “I know you are speaking from a secondary principle.”

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