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Chapter 3: When Love Meets Meditation

So do not conclude from my words that because you have already passed through childhood this talk is meant for future generations only. At no time has anyone gone so far away that they cannot return back home; no one has gone so far on the wrong path that they cannot see the right path. Even if someone has been living in darkness for thousands of years, it does not mean that when the person lights the lamp the darkness will assert, “I am thousands of years old so I am not going to go.” No, when the lamp is lit a thousand-year-old darkness disappears the same as a one-day-old darkness does. The lighting of the lamp is easily accomplished if tried in childhood; it becomes a little difficult afterwards.

But difficult does not mean impossible. Difficult means a little more effort. Difficult means a little more determination. Difficult means a little more intently. It means that you have to break the set patterns of your personality with more constancy and open up new channels.

But even with the dawning of the first rays of the new path, you will feel you have done nothing and what you are receiving is immense. With the arrival of even a single ray of that bliss, that truth, that light, you will feel you have attained much without doing anything for it, because all that you had done was so insignificant, so small and what has come to hand is priceless. Hence, please do not take my words in the wrong sense; this is my request to you.

I am very, very grateful that you listened to me with such love and silence. In the end, I bow down to the divine that dwells in all of you. Please accept my pranams, my offering of respect.