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Chapter 9: Initiation to a Master: The Ultimate Technique

Now the whole thing has become different. No one is ready to wait. We have become so time conscious that we cannot wait for a single moment. And because of this time consciousness, initiation has become impossible. You cannot be initiated. You run past Buddha and you ask him, “Will you initiate me?” You are running; you meet Buddha on the street while running. Even during this utterance of four or five words you have been running.

This whole running of the modern mind is because of the fear of death. For the first time man is so fearful of death, because for the first time man has become absolutely unaware of the deathless. We are only conscious of the body that is going to die; we are not conscious of the inner consciousness that is deathless.

In ancient days there were people who were conscious of the deathless, and because of their consciousness, their deathlessness, they created an atmosphere in which there was no hurry. Then initiation was easy. Then waiting was easy; then surrender was easy. Then for the master to assume responsibility for the disciple was easy. These things have all become difficult now, but still, there is no alternative: initiation is needed.

If you are in a hurry, I will give initiation to you in your running state, because otherwise there will be no initiation. I cannot ask you to wait as a precondition. I must initiate you first and then prolong your waiting in so many ways; through so many devices, I will persuade you to wait. If I tell you first, “Wait five years and then I will initiate you,” you cannot wait, but if I initiate you this very moment then I will be able to create devices for your waiting.

So let it be like this; it makes no difference, the process will be the same. Because you cannot wait, I change; I will allow you to wait afterward. I will create so many devices, so many techniques just to make you wait. Because you cannot wait unoccupied, I will create techniques for you, I will give you something to play with. You can play with these techniques; it will become a waiting. Then you will be ready for a second initiation, which would have been the first in the old days. The first initiation is a formal one; the second one will be informal, it will be like a happening. You will not ask me, I will not give you. It will happen - in the innermost being it will happen. And you will know it when it happens.

Surrender from the disciple, responsibility from the master: that is the bridge. And whenever you are able to surrender, the master will come. The master is there. Masters have always been in existence. The world has never lacked masters, it has always lacked disciples. But no master can begin anything unless someone surrenders. So whenever you have a moment to surrender, do not lose it. Even if you do not find anyone to whom to surrender, then just surrender to existence. But whenever there is a moment to surrender, do not lose it, because then you are on the border line, you are in between sleep and waking. Just surrender!

If you can find someone to whom to surrender that is good, but if you cannot find anyone, just surrender to the universe, and the master will appear, he will come. He comes whenever there is surrender. You become vacant, you become empty, and the spiritual force rushes toward you and fills you.

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