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Chapter 3: Deep within the Cave of the Heart

Renunciation is the only path through which those who have known the ultimate reality have entered the deathless.

Beyond heaven shines the ultimate reality, which is deep within the cave of the heart. This can be experienced only by the committed seeker.

Now it will be good to understand some points in this sutra.

The deathless.. The deepest longing in life is to experience the deathless, the immortal, that which can never be destroyed. What can one gain by attaining something that will come to an end? What will be truly gained? What value has something that comes into your hands only to slip away again? What you have gained will start to disappear in the same moment that it is gained, rendering all your efforts useless.

This is why we only call someone a brahmajnani, the knower of the ultimate reality, whose search has been for that which, once found, is never lost again. A brahmajnani is one who has found that from which there can never again be a separation; which has a beginning but no end. This is a little complex, because you understand that everything that has a beginning has to have an end. There is nothing in this world that is seen to begin but not to end. Everything is seen to come and go. Is there any experience, any realization, that can be eternal - from which there can be no possibility of separation? This is the search for brahmajnan, the search to know the ultimate reality.

The search for the ultimate reality is a search for the eternal, the beginningless, the endless, for that which has always been, for that which is never destroyed and which will never die, for that which will never come to an end. And only if you have attained this will you know life. Only if you have become one with this will you know the immortal, the deathless. Until you have become one with this, your life will be a trembling in fear, like a leaf in the wind, because death will shake you from everywhere; you will constantly feel the winds of death. The fear will end only when you know the ultimate truth, only when you become one with it. And where fear ends and fearlessness begins, there is the sunrise of life, there is the dawn of life.

But can this be attained through money? - because man puts his whole life’s effort into accumulating money. In this way he hopes to be able to know something that does not die. But when the same hands that have earned the money perish, how can the money that was earned through those hands survive? When the creator is himself so ephemeral, his creation is bound to be even more so.

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