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Chapter 7: The Ultimate Opulence: Love and Meditation

So when I say that for an hour or a half hour sit down with closed eyes, what I am saying to you is that for an hour or for half an hour forget the other. There are twenty-four hours in a day. Give twenty-three hours to the whole world, to the marketplace, to your business, to your household - give it to anyone or to anything you want - but don’t you even have that much right that you can save one hour just for yourself? Perhaps it may be very difficult to save all twenty-four hours; saving just one hour is possible. And then I am not saying to you that in order to save this one hour you have to go and sit in some cave in the Himalayas. Your house is sufficient, and the easiest place because you are familiar with all that is there, so to forget everything for an hour is less difficult.

If not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow then the day after - soon that time comes when you can just simply sit. Images will come, do not take any interest in them - neither in favor nor against. Let them come and go. It is a pathway, a pathway of the mind and it is being walked upon. Just keep watching, sitting on the wayside. And you will be surprised, surprised by the greatest mystery of life: that if you go on watching as a witness - just witnessing, as if you have nothing to do with who is coming and who is going, you simply go on sitting quietly by the wayside - soon that time will come when the crowd of traffic will start to wane.

.Because there is a reason for this crowd being there on the pathway: you have invited it. Up until now, you have welcomed it; it is not there uninvited. And when it notices that you have become so indifferent that you don’t even look back to see who has come and who has gone - whether it was a good person or a bad, beautiful or ugly, your own or a stranger - all this crowd will slowly start to disappear.

The process of meditation is very easy. Only a small capacity for patience is needed. And what have you got to lose? Even if you don’t reach anywhere, at least you will have rested for an hour. But I know, from my own experience and from the experience of thousands whom I have helped pass through this process, that one day the hour comes - that great hour - when the pathway of the mind becomes empty. Not even dust arises; nothing remains to be known. And when there remains nothing to be known, only the knower remains. And that knower is not left with any option other than to know itself. To know is its nature. If you give some toy, a rattle, it goes into knowing that. But now, suddenly, there is nothing. Now, it can only know itself. And if someone has tasted himself even once, he has tasted deathlessness. Then there is neither darkness nor unconsciousness.

And then that one hour will slowly, slowly spread through all your twenty-four hours. You still remain in the marketplace, you still live in your house; your wife will be the same, your children will be the same, but you will not be the same. A revolution will have taken place in your life. All the perspectives of your seeing, your eyes will have been transformed. A peace.and a peace that passeth all understanding. And a light.a light that has neither oil nor wick - that exists without either and hence it never dies.

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