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Chapter 1: On the Road of Sighs

Marilyn had a parrot for a pet, but the parrot would embarrass her whenever she came into the apartment with a man. He would shout all kinds of obscenities, always leading off with, “Somebody’s gonna get it tonight! Somebody’s gonna get it tonight!”

In desperation, Marilyn went to her local pet shop and explained her parrot problem to the pet shop proprietor.

“What you need,” he said, “is a female parrot too. I don’t have one on hand, but I will order one. Meanwhile, you could borrow this female owl until the female parrot arrives”

Marilyn took the owl home and put it near her parrot. It was immediately obvious that the parrot did not care for the owl. He glared at it.

That night, Marilyn wasn’t her usual nervous self as she opened the door to bring her gentleman friend in for a nightcap. Then suddenly she heard the parrot screech and she knew that things had not changed.

“Somebody’s gonna get it tonight! Somebody’s gonna get it tonight!” the parrot said.

The owl said, “Whooo? Whooo?”

And the parrot said, “Not you, you big-eyed son-of-a-bitch!”

Only man can be deceived. You cannot deceive even a parrot, but pundits can be deceived and are deceived. Pundits are greater parrots than parrots themselves.

Beware. Your mind is ready to fall into any trap of words. It can create beautiful theories, philosophies; it can go on manufacturing great systems of thought - all imaginary.

Truth has nothing to do with your imagination. Neither has truth anything to do with your inference, your guesswork. Truth is already here: truth is. All that is needed on your part is not to seek and search for it but to be available, open and empty like a mirror, so that you can reflect that which is. Truth surrounds you; truth is within and without. Only truth is. You need not go anywhere, to Kaaba or to Kashi. You need not even go outside your room, you need not even go outside your body, you need not go anywhere.

Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

Just sitting silently in your own room, when you are empty, it is revealed.

It was revealed to Mohammed when he was utterly silent and empty, it was revealed to Sanai when he was silent and empty, it was revealed to Mahavira when he was silent and empty. To be empty is to be religious.

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