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Chapter 5: Right-Knowledge

One girl in New York jumped from the sixtieth floor because under LSD she now thought she could fly. Chuang Tzu was not wrong: the girl really flew out of the window. Of course, she died. But she will never be able to know that she had been deceived by her senses under the influence of the drug.

Even without drugs we have illusions. You are passing through a dark street and suddenly you get scared.there is a snake. You start running, and later on you come to know that there was no snake, just a rope was lying there. But when you felt that there was a snake, there was a snake. Your eyes were reporting that the snake was there and you behaved accordingly - you escaped from the place.

Senses cannot be believed. Then what is direct cognition? Direct cognition is something which is known without the senses. So the first right-knowledge can only be of the inner self, because only there will the senses not be needed. Everywhere else the senses will be needed. If you want to see me you will have to see through the eyes, but if you want to see yourself eyes are not needed. Even a blind man can see himself. If you want to see me light will be needed, but if you want to see yourself darkness is okay, light is not needed.

Even in the darkest cave you can know yourself. No medium - light, eyes, anything - is needed. The inner experience is immediate, and that immediate experience is the basis of all right-knowledge.

Once you are rooted in that inner experience then many things will start happening to you. It will not be possible to understand them right now. One who is rooted in his center, in his inner being, one who has come upon it, to feel it as a direct experience, then the senses cannot deceive him. He is awakened. Then his eyes cannot deceive him, then his ears cannot deceive him, then nothing can deceive him. Deception has dropped.

You can be deceived because you are living in delusion. You cannot be deceived once you have come to be a right knower. You cannot be deceived! Then everything, by and by, takes the shape of right-knowledge. Once you know yourself, then whatsoever you know will automatically fall into being right because now you are right. This is the distinction to be remembered: if you are right then everything becomes right, if you are wrong then everything goes wrong. So it is not a question of doing something outside, it is a question of doing something inside.

You cannot deceive a buddha - it is impossible. How can you deceive a buddha? He is rooted in himself. You are transparent to him, you cannot deceive him. Before you know, he knows you. Even a glimmer of thought in you is clearly seen by him. He penetrates you to your very being.

Your penetration goes to the same extent in others as it goes into yourself. If you can penetrate into yourself, you can penetrate into everything to the same extent. The deeper you move within, the deeper you can move without. And you have not moved within even a single inch, so whatsoever you do outside is just like a dream.

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