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Chapter 6: Wait and You Shall Find

And he would say to me, “Are you some magistrate or what? Is my own house a court? I don’t want to put my hand on the Gita.”

“Then,” I said, “whatever you say will be a lie.”

His continual statement to me was, “Wait, you are too young. When you are a little older, you will understand all these problems. Right now you cannot understand.”

I went on becoming older, and each year I would come from the university to the town. Before going to my home, first I would go to the physician, knock at his door, and say, “One more year has passed; the question is still there.”

He would say, “Can’t you wait?”

I said, “You just give me the date! How long do I have to wait?”

Even when I became a lecturer in the university I used to come to my town once in a while on holiday. His house was just between the station and my house, so first I would stop at his house, knock on his door, and say, “Now I have even become a teacher of philosophy in the university. And what about your statement? How long do I have to wait now?”

And then one day when I was in the town, somebody came to my house - because my father was a friend of the man - and informed us, “He is just dying.”

I rushed - my father said, “Where are you going? The message is not for you!”

I said, “Don’t worry, you take your time. I am going because I have to ask him something before he dies.”

I was there with the Bhagavadgita in front of him. And I told him, “Now I have grown up, you cannot deceive me anymore. Put your hand on the Bhagavadgita - and at the moment of dying don’t lie; otherwise you will fall directly into hell.”

He said, “Can’t you forgive me?”

I said, “You have been deceiving me for almost twenty years. What was the need? You could have simply said, ‘I don’t know.’ The thing would have finished long ago. You have no obligation to know everything, but you pretended. You wanted to be known as the wisest man around, and you have been deceiving not only me, you have been deceiving everybody who has come to you. Now at the last moment, recognize the fact and say, ‘I do not know.’”

By that time my father had reached the house, other people had reached. They said, “This is not good. A man is dying and you are making a court here.”

I said, “If he dies without doing what I am saying, then I will be responsible for throwing him into hell. This is the moment I can still save him.” And at the moment of death one thing happens: now you know death is there, you cannot go on your ego trips anymore.

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