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Chapter 10: That Flame Depends on You

Our musicians can learn from those machines, what waves they create, and they can start creating those waves through their instruments. There is no need for the machines, just the musicians can create those waves for all of you and all of you will start falling asleep! But if you can remain awake even in the deepest sleep, when you see that just one step more and you will become unconscious, you have learned a secret. That machine can be used beautifully.

And this is true about all machines of the world. In the right hands they can be used tremendously for the benefit of mankind. In the wrong hands they can become hindrances. And unfortunately, there are so many wrong hands..

Already they are spreading in America, in Europe, and better and better mechanisms are being developed.

One of my sannyasins you may remember Proper Sagar. His letter has come to me today.because he was refused entry at Bombay airport. He could not enter India. He tried from Kathmandu there he was refused. Because they have his name on a list at every airport around India, he could not enter. So finally he went to Hawaii and met a woman who works with crystals and he started working with her. The woman is old and he proved a good, healthy young man to help her.

Now Proper Sagar has created a carpet. All around the carpet there are crystals, and the carpet has electric wires running inside. And with those electric wires he creates the same kind of wavelength. So you don’t even have to plug your ears, you just lie down on the carpet and the carpet does the meditation! You feel great, and Proper Sagar goes on changing the wavelength.

He has sent me pictures of his carpet. This is great, but on one carpet how many people will you be able to manage? It can be done around the whole Buddha Hall! It is simple technology to change the wavelength, and as the wavelength changes you will start feeling drowsy, sleepy.

But this is not meditation, this is a dangerous deception. If it is not in the right hands then the person will go home thinking he has meditated, and he has only been lying on Proper Sagar’s carpet! Neither Proper Sagar knows what meditation is nor the carpet knows what meditation is, but that fellow has got the idea that he has meditated. And people are giving money, a hundred dollars for ten minutes. Not costly.if real meditation is available for a hundred dollars for ten minutes, I don’t think it is costly.

But it is not meditation, it is simply a change of the radio waves that are continuously moving around you in the air.

I think within a week the machine will be here. You can all first experience what the machine can give you, and then I will tell you what you can get out of the machine which the machine cannot give you, but it can be certainly helpful as an experience. Otherwise for many people meditation remains only a word. They think that some time they will meditate, and there remains a doubt whether anybody meditates or not.

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