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Chapter 26: Existence Does Not Believe in Speed

The other day was my eighth sannyas birthday. Although it is such a long time I often have the feeling that I have just started to understand what it means to be a sannyasin, and I have just very short glimpses of that silence. On the other hand, it feels for me that sannyas has become slowly, almost unknowingly, the medium my whole life flows in, like a fish in the sea.
Osho, am I too sleepy and moving too slowly?

Not only are you moving slowly, your question is also moving slowly. Every day I think to answer it - it must have been with me almost two weeks.and still you say The other day. Finally I have decided to put it on top; otherwise you would have to write the other year.!

The experience of sannyas.silence, beauty and gratitude all deepen slowly, so slowly that you don’t know that you are moving at all. Have you seen the trees when they grow in the night and you are asleep? Do you know when the flowers open when you are looking the other way? Have you observed when you became young and childhood has disappeared - or you became old and youth is no longer there?

Existence does not believe in speed.

Existence believes in a very slow, silent growth.

Soon you become one with your meditation, with your silence. Soon you start feeling the beatitude, the blissfulness as part of your breathing. You are still growing, you are still going on the pilgrimage. It is an unending journey, but it is so slow.

Existence knows no hurry, because it has no shortage of time. Eternity is its time - it has no beginning and no end. For example, in the East people are not very speedy; in the West speed is their God. And the reason is that all the religions which are born outside India - Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism - believe only in one life. They give you only seventy years. One third of it you will be asleep, one third you will be working for your livelihood, and the remaining one third you will be watching TV because you are a member of The Couch Potato Movement.

Only in between you may smoke a cigarette, or you may kiss a woman, in a hurry because the television is on.

It happened.

Thomas Alva Edison, one of the famous scientists of America, was such a speedy person; he was always on the go. He was going to a university to deliver a lecture in another town. In a hurry he rushed out of the house, waved to his wife and kissed the maid servant. In a hurry one can do anything, and he was in such a hurry there was no way to cancel the past. He simply said from the window of the car, “I am sorry.”

The reason the whole Western world and the education that has spread all over the world from the West has caused you to do everything quickly, is because death is not far away. Seventy years is not long.

In the East it is totally different..

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