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Chapter 13: Krishna Goes to the West

Intensify breathing and bring greater and greater joy. Be joyous and breathe more deeply, still more deeply. Bring all your energy to breathing. Don’t withhold. Be totally into it. Then we will enter the second stage. There are four minutes to go; put all your strength into it.

It is gaining momentum; cooperate with it fully. Exert your best. Sometimes one misses it just by a fraction of an inch, so bring all your energy into deep breathing. And breathe joyously, blissfully.

There are three minutes to go.Go ahead and ahead. Bring all your strength together and breathe deeply and joyously. Go inside your being, enter your interiority, and breathe deeply.

Energy is rising. Let go of you. Your bodies will shake and dance. Keep sitting and dance if you feel like dancing. You will feel as if you are not your body. Let it shake, let it tremble, let it dance. Don’t hinder. Don’t withhold.Breathe deeply and more deeply.Everything is going well.Keep breathing deeply. Let the body shake.

It is getting into the right momentum, bring all your energy with great joy and bliss. Only two minutes are left, breathe deeply.Breathe deeply and more deeply. When I say one, two, three, then put all your energy, every bit of your energy into it. Be filled with joy.Rejoice.breathe deeply and let the body shake.

Let go of yourselves.