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Chapter 10: Use That Clarity

When suffering has become meaningful, you have transcended. Now you are not worried about it. You don’t want to drop it, because if you do, all that is beautiful will drop with it.

You have understood well that the beautiful roseflower exists between thorns, and those thorns are part of the growth. In fact they are protective, they protect the flower. They are not the enemy, they are not against it. If a thorn sometimes gives you pain, it is only because you have not understood the meaning of it.

There is no need to seek suffering, to seek thorns, but when you find them, accept them. Let them be transparent to your clarity of vision, so that you can see that on both sides of the night there are days. And then night becomes less and less dark. Night becomes a bridge from one day to another. It is not against the day, rather it is a rest. A new day can come out of that rest. The night becomes like a womb, creative. Darkness is creative, and suffering too.

If you find a person who is very rich inside, you will always find that he has suffered much. If a person has not suffered much, you will find him always shallow, superficial. He will laugh, but his laughter won’t have the depth, it won’t come from the heart. It will be just like a painted thing, on the lips at the most. If you listen to the sound of it, you will hear that it is very superficial. It is not coming from his being, it carries no meaning, no depth. Whenever you see a person who can laugh deeply, remember he has cried deeply - and laughter is enriched by tears. If you are not capable of crying you will not be capable of laughter.

This is clarity - to see life as it is and not to ask the impossible. By asking the impossible, by wanting only days and not nights, only happiness and not unhappiness, you are creating meaningless misery for yourself. It will be meaningless because you are asking the impossible and it cannot be fulfilled. It is because of your unintelligence that the misery is arising. It is not part of life; it could have been avoided. There was no need for it; it is useless. So there is suffering that is useless - if you create it. There is a suffering which is very meaningful - if life gives it to you.

You love, and of course suffering comes in. If you want to love you will have to suffer much, and if you become afraid of suffering, by and by you will become afraid of love. Then a point comes when you may not suffer - you may have a very comfortable and convenient life - but you will miss all that is beautiful, because all that is beautiful comes through love. But love comes only if you are ready to accept the suffering also; that’s the price one has to pay for it. Nothing is free in life; everything has to be paid for. And it is good that it is so, because once everything is free, everything becomes meaningless; nobody enjoys it.

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