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Chapter 2: Sowing the Seed

The awakening of nonattachment is because of misery and anguish. Religion says that you must try to see that the momentary pleasure is followed by unlimited misery. You also know it very well that whenever you found happiness, misery followed. Whenever you were happy, later on your eyes were full of tears. You fell down whenever you were vain. Bad luck started as soon as you thought that good luck was smiling on you. Religion says that if you want a happiness which will not get lost and will not turn into misery, then look for the eternal, the immortal, and wake up from this transient world. Time spent in dreams is time lost. Seek the truth.

What is the definition of truth? The definition of truth is that which was always, which is always, and which will be always. The definition of untruth is that which was not yesterday, but which is now, and which will not be tomorrow. Untruth means the existence of that which is momentary between two “nots”- the illusion of being, between the two “nots.”

Just think it over: if it is not on both sides, then how can it be in between? That is why Shankara says that the world is maya, an illusion. The meaning of maya is that it was not yesterday, it is today and tomorrow again it will not be. So what is not on both ends cannot be in the center either, though it appears to be so. How can “is” be born out of “is not”? And that which is, how can it not be?

There was a time when you were not. Where were you before your birth? Where will you be after death? It is only a dream of short duration. You see the dream while sleeping, but it is lost as soon as you wake up. Sahajo has said that this world is like the morning star. Yes, the morning star is there for a short while and it soon disappears. It will disappear whilst you are watching it. Yes, the whole of life is like the morning star.

Mahavira has said that life is like the dewdrops on the grass leaf. Have you noticed the dewdrop on the grass? It is about to drop at any time - it will drop while you are still watching it, a whiff of breeze is sufficient. It will evaporate with the sunrise. A small push by the breeze and it is gone. But during its existence it is so beautiful even pearls are no match for it; even the pearl envies its luster. But its existence is momentary, it is like nonexistence.

If life is transient then it cannot be true. Whatever you have known, if it is later lost, then it cannot be truth. It must have been the imagination of the mind or the projection of the mind. It is not the truth, but you believed it to be true. That is your belief. Belief is illusion. You go on watching the projection of your inner desire on the screen of life.

Have you ever noticed that a woman or a man who seems very beautiful at one time doesn’t seem so after a few days? It is the same woman or the same man.what happened? Actually, a few days before you had projected your own desire. That desire has now disappeared, so there is nothing on the screen, there is no picture on the screen. With the mind full of desires you just cannot see that which is; you just go on seeing what you want to see.

Only the pure eye can see that which is. The impure eye sees whatever it wants to see. If you are in search of beauty, then you will see beauty. Everyone has his own definition of life. Because of this definition, life is an illusion.

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