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Chapter 40: The Body Does Not Have Beliefs

And hypnotherapy is an old word; dehypnotherapy is my construction. I told Santosh to make it dehypnotherapy, and he never asked, “What will be the difference between dehypnotherapy and hypnotherapy?” He simply made it dehypnotherapy. Now he has become the director of a dehypnotherapy institute, and he does not know what the difference is between dehypnotherapy and hypnotherapy.

The process is going to be totally opposite. Hypnotherapy can take you into a deliberate sleep; dehypnotherapy can take you into a deliberate awakening. But I was puzzled: he did not even ask what the difference between the two will be.

It is unfortunate, but I will have to make my people aware of the dangers of these therapists, because they will exaggerate their claims, saying that they have been with me for fifteen years. But they have not been with me for fifteen seconds. They were playing their own small role of being a guru to a small group of people. They had come for themselves, but they forgot completely. This is what happens to accidental people: they come for one thing and buy something else.

I have heard about a real estate agent who was thought to be the top man in that profession in a big city. He was part of a big company. The boss was very angry that day and was waiting for the man. And when the man came the boss burst out in anger and said, “This is too much. The man to whom you have sold land at double price has just gone. That we can understand; you are clever and intelligent and you managed that, and that’s why we pay you so much. But the man had come to say, ‘It has rained, and now the land you have sold me is under eight feet of water. What kind of company is this? This is really cheating!’”

The salesman said, “Don’t be worried boss, I will take care of him. I am going.” And after an hour he came back, smiling, and he said, “You have to give me some reward today.”

He said, “First you tell me what happened to that man and his land?”

He said, “Nothing happened. We have had two rotten boats for many days; I have sold them to that man. I told him, ‘You are a fool. Such beautiful land, which becomes a lake in the rainy season.have two boats. Make a house high enough so you will have both things together. When it is the rainy season you enjoy the lake - and the boats I have brought with me.’ And those boats are so rotten that they will drown the man the first time he sits in them. You don’t be worried. They had been lying with the company for no one knows how many years. And we got a good price for them.”

The boss said, “This is too much! You have still cheated that man - and now you have put him in a dangerous situation. Those boats will kill him.”

The man said, “This world goes on this way. You don’t have to think about what happens to others; you have to just think about your own pockets.”

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