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Chapter 17: Jesus, the Only Forgotten Son of God

The first question:

You say God is not a hypothesis nor an idea. Then what is God? Has anyone ever met God or not?

God certainly is not a hypothesis.

A hypothesis can only be part of an objective science. You can experiment upon it, you can dissect it, analyze it.

That’s what Karl Marx has argued: “unless God is proved in a scientific lab, I am not going to accept him.” What Karl Marx is saying is that, “I can accept God as a hypothesis, but a hypothesis is not a truth. It has yet to be proved, and the proof has to be scientific.”

But if God is put into a scientific lab, in a test tube, and dissected, analyzed, and we know all the constituents that make God, will it be the God who created the world? And if Marx is going to accept God only then, that means God has to be reduced into a thing.

Then what would be the difficulty in manufacturing God? Once you have analyzed all the constituents of God, all the chemicals, then there is no problem. Get your discovery patented, and start manufacturing God. But that manufactured God will not be the God you are asking me about.

God is not a hypothesis, cannot be a hypothesis, because the very word hypothesis takes the ground from beneath his feet. God is not to be proved. If science has to prove God then the scientist becomes higher than God. The poor God will be just like a white rat. So you play around and make boxes, and God moves from one box to another, and you find out how much intelligence God has.

Delgado, the psychologist, will be very happy to find God in a mousetrap, because all that psychologists have found about man is not about man, it is about mice. They first find out about the mice, and then they project it onto human beings - because it looks inhuman to dissect a human being, to torture him and to experiment upon him.

But it is very strange that the mouse gives clues which help to understand the human mind, human psychology. Certainly man is more developed. You can multiply it, but the basic idea you can get from a mouse.

God, according to the pseudo-religions, is the creator of the whole of existence. According to them, we are his creation. To make God a hypothesis means from now onwards he is going to be our creation. We are trying to reverse the roles, putting the creator as a creature and the creature as the creator. The pseudo-religions will not agree. I also do not agree, but our disagreements are basically different.

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