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Chapter 5: There Can Be No Regret

And finally, remember that death is not a death, it is a new beginning. And, who knows? maybe it leads you into a higher life. If the cosmos has a rhythm in it, it must be so. It must be leading you into a higher life. You have learned so much, you have become more worthy, naturally death must lead you to a higher plane of being. That seems to be simple: a man who has lived, loved, experienced, meditated, who has gone through so many things in life, has become more worthy - he has to be given a higher life. If this existence has any compassion, then death is going to be a higher plenitude, a higher peak.

Wait with thrill, with great adventure. Wait with tremendous joy, delight and celebration. Happiness is very natural: one should not seek it, one should simply enjoy it. Such a great message, and what did Confucius say? That this man had found it, yet not found all of it - as if Confucius had found all of it.

These parables are very subtle. They are a great shattering of the Confucian ideal, but their way is very polite. If you don’t go deep you may never understand. Meditate over these parables; they have great messages - decode them. Your life will be tremendously enriched through them.

Enough for today.