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Chapter 10: Love Is Fragile like a Flower

Then suddenly you are open. From every dimension God flows into you. But the whole thing is how to be so receptive and silent. Just now it can happen, just now it is happening to many. I am not here; you are not there: and suddenly the meeting, suddenly the being.

What can you do? Because all doing will be a disturbance. Whatsoever you do will bring you in from the back door; whatsoever you do will be an effort and a disturbance. Don’t do anything; just be.

The whole art of religion is nothing but this - just be, allow, be in a let-go; sitting by the side of the tree, just sit - nothing else is needed, just sitting. Buddha attained to truth just by sitting under the Bodhi Tree. Walking, just walk. Loving, just love. Being, just be. By and by you start feeling that within you the fragments arc disappearing, and an integration is arising. By and by it happens; by and by you start feeling that something is penetrating you from the unknown, from the beyond. You feel happy. You feel like a pregnant woman: the unknown has entered you. You don’t know who has come to your womb, you have not seen the face yet, but you can feel the weight, you can feel the unknown kicking in your womb. You know the unknown has penetrated you.

Then you walk more carefully, you sit more carefully, because you have to protect. The unknown has become your guest. You have to think and care about him, because the unknown is growing every day. the child grows and the mother disappears. One day, only the child is and the mother is gone. Mother means the past, and child means the present. Mother means you as you arc, and the child means you as you should be.

Nothing can be done specifically. You have just to create a climate around you of waiting, contentment, acceptance, delight, silence. You start already as if you have attained.

Listen to me again: you start already walking as if you have attained. It will be “as if” only in the beginning: by and by, the “as if” disappears. Walk like a Buddha, look like a Christ, delight like a Krishna. In the beginning it is going to be just “as if.” But that “as if” is not going to stay long, because you arc really that which you arc trying to act.

The whole thing is as if you go to Jesus, not knowing that he is Jesus, and he also does not know that he is Jesus; and you tell him that you are going to stage a drama and, “You look like Jesus. Would you please come and act as Jesus in it?” He agrees, and he comes to act. Of course it is “as if” in the beginning, because he does not know that he is Jesus. You don’t know that he is Jesus; he only looks like, appears to be. And then he starts playing in the drama and, by and by, the “as if” disappears because he is. By and by the reality takes possession, and suddenly it erupts, and he is no more acting. He is simply being himself.

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