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Chapter 2: Discrimination in All Things

I am not here to fulfill anybody’s prophecy. And why should I? It may be Padmasambhava’s trip, but why should he force his trip on me? I am here to be myself. I am not a prophet, and I am not here to deliver somebody from their sins. I am not here to bring an age of religion. All these things are mediocre and stupid.

I enjoy myself. If you want to enjoy yourself you can share my delight, that’s all. To me, life is not a very serious affair. Prophets take life very seriously. Saints are innocent! Prophets? - always dangerous. Buddha is not a prophet; in fact India has not produced prophets. Prophets are a particular phenomenon of Judaism. Saints we have produced - millions -but they are innocent people. Like flowers you delight in - not of much use. Prophets are in fact politicians in religion. They are to change the whole world; they have a mission to fulfill and do this and that.

I have no mission; I am not a missionary. I would like a world without missionaries and without prophets, so that people can be left to live their own lives. Prophets never allow. They are always after you - with judgment. They are always after you - with ideas to be followed, comparison. They are always there to throw you in hell or award you by heaven.

I have nothing - no hell to throw you in and no heaven to give you - just a delight of being. And that is possible, simply possible. If you allow it to happen it is possible.

To me, life is not a serious affair. In fact life is nothing but a gossip in the eternity of existence, a gossip. I am gossiping here; you are listening, that’s all. If you enjoy you are here. If I enjoy I am here. If it becomes difficult to enjoy each other, we separate - no other bondage.

And I don’t allow anybody - he may even be a Padmasambhava - to lay his trip on me.

Enough for today.