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Chapter 24: The Only Way to Be Is Not to Be

Now they are trying hard to de-electrify the child. They cannot even bring their instruments close to him; those instruments slip from their hands, because the child is such a magnetic force. The child is very healthy, very radiant - they have never seen such a child - but to touch the child is to get a shock. The nurses who are taking care of the child have to wear shockproof dresses because they are playing with a danger.

A man like Gautam Buddha has a certain magnetic attraction, very subtle. Things don’t move toward him but souls move, consciousnesses move, life forces move. It is his presence that gives you the proof that not-being is not death, not-being is the ultimate in life.

But remember, Milarepa, not-being is the first thing; that is your meditation, that is your death. Out of this meditation, out of this death, out of this nothingness will arise your original face, your original being. So you will have to change just a little bit. Put not-being first. That has to be the priority. You need not be concerned about being, it comes. It comes absolutely without any exception.

I am saying it on my own experience too. I had to disappear into nothingness - and out of that nothingness a totally new, an utterly fresh, an eternal presence has arisen. It is not my doing. I cannot take any credit for it. At the most I allowed it to happen, because I was not there to disturb. Your not-being is necessary first so that you don’t disturb when your being starts arising.just a little change.

Old Hymie Goldberg returned to the doctor to express his delight over the invisible hearing aid that his doctor had fitted for him.

“I bet your family likes it, too,” said the doctor.

“Ah no,” said old Hymie, “they don’t know about it yet and I am having a great time. In the past two days, I have changed my will twice!”

Everybody thinks he cannot hear.and he can hear, so he is having a great time changing his will.

You also have to change your will. What you have put as secondary has to be primary, and what you have put as primary is not your concern. It will come, just as when spring comes, flowers come on their own accord.

Recently Rudolph Hess, one to the last Nazi big shots, died. He committed suicide in jail in Berlin, where he was imprisoned for forty-six years. He was the right hand man of Adolf Hitler.
“I don’t repent anything,” he said before the court in Nuremberg, “and if I could start from the very beginning, I would do the same thing again.”
Osho, can you say something about forgiveness, even for people who seem to be unworthy of it.

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