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Chapter 10: Love Is Death

So I don’t say to you to seek God, I say to you to live him right now. There is no need to seek - enjoy him right now, celebrate! Let it be a festival. He has already happened. He is just waiting for you to dance with him, to delight with him.

Good. Girisha is perfectly right: “I have found nothing in particular.” right, precisely, that’s the point: nothing is to be found in particular. “But I feel free, freed.” Exactly, that is the point to be understood. A great freedom is needed - freedom from desire, freedom from search, freedom from seeking, freedom from the narrow mind. One simply relaxes in all directions. When you relax, you are all-dimensional; but when you seek, you are one-dimensional. When you relax you become part of the whole; when you seek you remain an ego.

This “nothing” is what God is; and this freedom, this tremendous freedom - that there is no longer any desire to bind you, no bondage exists - this is what moksha, liberation is. Moksha or liberation is not a geographical thing. It is not somewhere: it is not after you die, it is a recognition, a recognition of here and now.

Be free of all seeking.

There are only two types of people in the world: one, who are continuously seeking. They seek and they never find, because seeking is not the way to find. They seek one thing, then another thing, then another thing; they continuously change their objects, but they continue seeking. They are one-dimensional people. They miss God because God is all-dimensional. They are linear people; they move in a line - and God is all. You cannot find him through linear logic.

Then there is another type of person - very rare - who doesn’t seek, who enjoys, who delights in whatsoever is available, who dances, who sings. These are the Bauls, these are the really authentically religious people.

God is not somewhere in the future. If you delight, he is here. If you celebrate, you will find him just by your side, beating in your heart. But if you seek him you will never find him anywhere; the seeking mind never reaches to reality. And one becomes too much of a seeker, by and by: too much practice, conditions, so you go on seeking. Today you will seek, yesterday you were seeking, tomorrow also you will seek; past lives you were seeking, this life you are seeking, in the future lives also you will seek. Seeking has become habitual. It has become a structure. Drop that structure! This is my message: he is here, right this very moment. Don’t miss him. There is no point in seeking; you just also be here, as he is here, and the meeting, and the communion, and the orgasm.you become one.

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