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Chapter 27: The Contemplation of Emptiness

Buddha never talks about that presence, because he says that has to be known, that should not be talked about, because mind is so cunning - if you talk about that presence it starts becoming greedy for that presence. If you talk about God, the mind starts thinking how to attain to God? Buddha never talks about God, not that God is not - who else can know that God is other than a Buddha? But he never talks, for a very certain reason: the talk of God can create desire for God, and if desire is there you will never attain God. All desire has to disappear. Only in a state of desirelessness, God arrives.

It needs great strength to practice contemplation of delusion; then delusion is really delusion, but emptiness is also delusion, and the center is delusion too. Being on the way of the center, one also creates images of the emptiness.

These images of emptiness are just helps. First, to take you out of the world Buddha says the world is empty. Now the delusion becomes true. Then he says the delusion is also empty. Now the center becomes true. Now he says the center is also empty. All has disappeared with no trace, utter silence - and in that utter silence is benediction, is God.

One practices also contemplation of delusion, but one does not call it delusion, one calls it central. As to what has to do with the center, more need not be said.

And what will happen when all has gone - the world, the mind, the self? Master Lu-tsu is right. He says, More need not be said - because to say more will be dangerous, to say more will be giving you an object to desire - and the desire comes, and the whole world comes in.

This is a great device. If you can meditate over it, you will attain to the infinity, to the eternity, to the timeless - to the real life.

Enough for today.