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Chapter 7: Seeking the Way

Go on trying different techniques, but try with your total heart. Otherwise you may throw away a technique that was right for you. So try with your total heart. If something happens, good. Move on it, move deeply. If nothing happens and you have tried with your total mind, then throw it away; it is not for you. But don’t throw it away before you have tried it - before you have tried it with your totality. Seek the way by retreating within.

And the fifteenth sutra:

Seek the way by advancing boldly without.

Even if you experiment and experience something within, there is every possibility that it may be just a delusion. It may be just a projection of the mind, it may be just a dream, may be just wish fulfillment. Don’t think that you have achieved the way. Now, whatsoever you have achieved within, try it without. Whatsoever you know within your heart, now transform it into your character; now live it. You have experienced it, now live it, make it your life.

If you feel that silence has occurred to you through an experience, now allow that silence to move, allow the ripples of the silence around you to move beyond you. Let your silence reach others. Let others also feel that you have become silent.

If you go on being angry outwardly and you say “I am a great meditator,” you are in a delusion. Don’t delude, don’t deceive, because only you will lose, no one else. Whatsoever has happened within you, if you feel that you have experienced the inner light. What is the criterion to know whether it is a delusion or a reality? - the criterion is that your outer life will change accordingly.

If you have really experienced the inner light, sex will disappear. Love will happen to you, but sex will disappear, sexuality will disappear. Love, a very loving personality, will take its place. There will be no desire for sex. If the desire for sex remains, you have not experienced the inner light. Then the inner light is just a projection of the mind.

And so on and so forth. Whatsoever you have experienced within must come out. It must be allowed to move into your life because the real test, the real criterion is there. If you have come to a deep silence, hatred will go. If hatred remains, and it has not been totally transformed into love, then you have not felt the inner silence because with hatred, inner silence is impossible. So you may have felt something cultivated, you may have cultivated a stillness.

If you go on repeating a mantra you will create a stillness that is cultivated, false, but your outer life will remain the same. If the inner changes, the outer must change. The reverse is not true: you can change the outer, there is no necessity for the inner to change. That’s what hypocrisy means. You can change the outer: you can be outwardly very loving, and filled with hatred within. You change the outer, you create a false mask, a facade.

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