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Chapter 9: I Am a Simple Human Being

And you were doing everything. And if I had not started speaking, you would have been doing all those things even now. Now you don’t feel like worshipping. What has happened to your courage? For three and a half years why were you worshipping? - for the simple reason that you need somebody on top of you to force you, to enslave you, to order you and command you; then you are ready to do anything. Then even killing people becomes worship.

But you cannot go to worship on your own accord. Should you be angry at me or at yourself - at your stupidity, retardedness? You need a fascist type of structure. And you were all perfectly fine doing everything that was illegal!

And I am telling you, “Be responsible, never do anything against the law, never do anything against human values, against the ideals of democracy, freedom.”

Now you don’t even feel to go to worship. You need somebody with a gun behind you; then only can you worship.

Hasya has removed the bodyguards, and she was thinking slowly to remove the guns from the commune. They don’t fit with our approach to life. We don’t want to harm anybody. We want to create a loving atmosphere.

But just one day after she had removed the bodyguards, one idiot immediately jumped up. Now she has to put the bodyguards back again. And now the security will be more strict.

And if you are feeling angry with me, what the hell are you doing here? Get lost!

This is not a place for anger and not a place for people who cannot take responsibility, because these are the people who create fascist structures. We don’t want these people at all. So simply pack your luggage and go to hell. The county road goes directly to hell.

I have been loving to you, and I started speaking only because of you, because I was being informed that things are going wrong. I was available to my physician, to my dentist, to my caretaker, and when they all felt that now things are going beyond the limits.. Even my room was bugged. Even my milk was being poisoned. That was too much for them, and they said, “Now something has to be done. These people have taken too much advantage.”

That’s why I started speaking; otherwise I was going to remain silent for my whole life. I have spoken for thirty years - nearabout four hundred books, each book containing at least five hundred pages. I don’t think there is anybody else in the whole history who has four hundred books of that size and that penetration.

There was no need for me.. I have spoken enough. Just for you I am speaking, so that this fascist order can be dissolved and you can live freely as human beings in a democratic way. But it seems you are not capable of living in a democratic way. You always need Adolf Hitlers, Joseph Stalins, Benito Mussolinis. Without your need, these people cannot come to power.

Yesterday I had told you, when anybody is in the office, on a post - for example, the president of the commune or the president of the foundation or the presidents of other corporations - you have to address them either as Ma or as Swami. I withdraw it. You can address people just by their name, anywhere.

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