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Chapter 2: In the Arms of the Moon

Coming to me - be ready. It is not a question of asking questions. In fact, there is no need. Just being with me, just being close with me.. Fall in line with me, breathe with me, let your heart beat with me a little while so that you can see through my eyes, so that you can taste a little of that with which I am completely overtaken and possessed by.

But fear will arise because whenever there is something bigger than your mind, the mind says “Don’t move; there can be danger. You may not be able to come back.” And the mind says “It is almost mad; retain your intelligence, retain your thinking capacity, retain your logic.” What are you going to do? And you all have been trained for logic and nobody has been in any way trained for love. That feeling of awe is simply trying to assert something from your heart that has been repressed by the society, by the forces that are trying to control you, by the mind.

Mind is nothing but society inside you: the priest, the politicians, the power-mad people - they have become your mind. They are trying to manipulate you from within. When awe arises, you are falling into an infinite ocean, not knowing what will happen next. In that moment you would like to escape, you would like to close your eyes, you would like to somehow control yourself because you have always been told that control is a great value. So you go on controlling everywhere - where it is not needed at all, where it is a hindrance to life. Where it is almost a suicide - there too you go on controlling. You cannot trust, because trust means losing your controlling to somebody else’s hands. You cannot surrender, you cannot love, you cannot pray. Even people making love cannot surrender, they go on controlling deep down. Hence, the real peak is missed. They learn techniques of how to make love. They can become very efficient lovemakers, but love is missed because it has nothing to do with you.

Love happens only when you are not there. Love happens only when you are surrendered to existence. Then there is a great orgasmic experience. Then you reach to the very peak of your being and you look at existence from the topmost peak of the Himalayas, you look from the Gourishankar. Then a totally different vision arises and that vision transforms your life.

So when you come to me, be ready to lose control, be ready to lose yourself. That is the whole purpose of coming; otherwise, don’t come. Even if you ask something, don’t ask out of your knowledge. Your asking should also be out of your love. Your asking should also be “How to go deeper in the mystery?” - not how to demystify it, not how to explain it, but how to move deeper and deeper into the eternally unexplained - because that is what God is.

So have a little taste of God with me. Allow me to be a door.

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