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Chapter 6: A Thousand and One Ways to Laugh

Look around, watch life. Don’t be too bothered with religious scriptures. Ninety-nine percent of those religious scriptures are written by people who know nothing of religion. They are written by scholars, theologians. They are written by ascetics, anti-life people. The person who is anti-life is bound to be anti-laughter, anti-love - he will be anti-everything. His whole life is nothing but a denial, a constant denial. He is suicidal, he goes on cutting himself chunk by chunk. He is destructive, he destroys himself - how can he laugh?

I teach you life, I teach you love, I teach you how to sing, how to dance. I teach you how to transform your life into a festival, into a carnival of delight. Hence, laughter has to be one of the most essential qualities. Even if you cry and weep, your tears should have the quality of laughter in them. They should come dancing and singing; they should not be tears of sadness and misery. They should be tears of overflowing cheerfulness, of bliss. This is possible not through scriptures, but only if you look at life. All that is needed is a clarity.

You are an Indian - that creates difficulty. When you look at life, inside you are reciting the Bhagavadgita, Ramayana.Vedas are going on and on. You are chanting Vishnu Sahasranam - the one thousand names of God. How can you see life? Stop all this nonsense.

Be silent and look at life, and you will find surprises everywhere - each moment, on each step.

During the second world war, a house in a London suburb is nearly totally destroyed by a direct hit of a rocket. All the inhabitants survive; only one man is missing. Suddenly, they hear a tremendous laughter coming out of the toilet which stands undestroyed amongst the ruins.

The man climbs out of it still laughing loudly, and they ask him, “What the hell are you laughing about?”

“Well,” he says, “isn’t it funny? I pull the chain and the whole house collapses!”

Just look around and you will find a thousand and one ways to laugh..

Little Siddhartha, our great sannyasin, walks up to a little girl, another sannyasin, and asks her to dance.

She replies, “No, thank you.”

He replies, “Don’t thank me. Thank God someone asked.”

A few sannyasins were talking. One asked the others, “What is long, hard, and when put into something warm and wet, gets soft and drippy?”

And little Siddhartha answered, “Spaghetti.”

The big boss and his wife had accepted the junior executive’s dinner invitation. And as dinner was being served, the little son and daughter of the host left their beds and walked through the dining room absolutely naked. The polite guests ignored them.