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Chapter 5: Nothing but a Dream

There is pleasure
and there is bliss.
Forgo the first to possess the second.

If you are happy
at the expense of another man’s happiness,
you are forever bound.

You do not what you should.
You do what you should not.
You are reckless, and desire grows.

But the master is wakeful.
He watches his body.
In all his actions he discriminates,
and he becomes pure.

He is without blame
though once he may have murdered
his mother and his father,
two kings, a kingdom, and all its subjects.

Though the kings were holy
and their subjects among the virtuous,
yet is he blameless.

The first sutra:

There is pleasure
and there is bliss.
Forgo the first to possess the second.

Meditate over it as deeply as possible, because it contains one of the most fundamental truths. These four words will have to be understood, pondered over: the first is pleasure, the second is happiness, the third is joy, and the fourth is bliss.

Pleasure is physical, physiological. Pleasure is the most superficial thing in life; it is titillation. It can be sexual, it can be of other senses, it can become an obsession with food, but it is rooted in the body. The body is your periphery, your circumference; it is not your center. And to live on the circumference is to live on the mercy of all kinds of things that go on happening around you. The man who seeks pleasure remains at the mercy of accidents.

It is like the waves in the ocean; they are at the mercy of the winds. When strong winds come, they are there; when winds disappear, they disappear. They don’t have an independent existence; they are dependent, and anything that is dependent on the other brings bondage.

Pleasure is dependent on the other. If you love a woman, if that is your pleasure, then that woman becomes your master. If you love a man, if that is your pleasure and you feel unhappy, in despair, sad, without him, then you have created a bondage for yourself. You have created a prison, you are no longer in freedom.

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