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Chapter 3: The Fruits Are Ripe

Last year you brought the poor and homeless into your commune presumably to help them, then why do you accept the Rolls Royces that you accept, when perhaps that money could be used to help the poor and homeless that you wanted to help last year?

I have not accepted a single Rolls Royce. Those Rolls Royces are owned by the sannyasins. And remember clearly that I am not a Rajneeshee; you can see from my clothes. I am just a guest here, and if my host feels to take care of me and enjoys it, who am I to interfere with it?

Greg Hoy

7 Network Australia TV, Australia

This morning you explained to us the difference between yourself and history’s self-professed prophets and messiahs. You explained that you were not special at all and that you did not wish to place yourself on a high pedestal. Does it occur to you that there may be those that see the regal way you dress as opposed to those who follow you, see your jeweled, borrowed watches and now-famous borrowed Rolls Royces and think that you have very successfully placed yourself high on a pedestal, and it’s an elevation you obviously enjoy?

I am certainly successful, I am going to be more successful, and I greatly enjoy my people, whatsoever they offer. But you must remember these are not real diamonds, and this is the cheapest, most beautiful watch in the whole world.

This is made by my own sannyasins - artists, craftsmen, jewelers. The same watch from Piaget is half a million dollars. This watch, as far as dollars are concerned, is not more than one hundred dollars. But if you want me to sell it to you, I am not going to sell it to you for ten million dollars. This is a work of love, and love cannot be purchased.

Richard Draper

KOIN TV, Channel 6, Portland, Oregon, United States

Ten days ago you told a group here - and I quote - “We have to deprogram America from dirty politics, from fanatic religions, from all kinds of hypocrisy.” How do you propose to deprogram America?

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