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Chapter 11: No God but Godliness

Just now, I saw a newspaper cutting that the prophet Mohammed teaches Mohammedans that the woman has only one chance of reaching paradise, no other qualification is needed from her. Only one chance - one simple chance - and that is to make her husband entirely satisfied as far as sex is concerned. Great! This is the qualification to enter into paradise, just to satisfy the husband sexually. Mohammed says that the woman cannot say no any time the husband wants to make love to her, because her no is a sin. And, you may believe or you may not believe, he says that even if the husband and wife are riding a camel and the husband wants to make love on the camel’s back, the wife should not say no.

And these people have been teachers, masters, prophets, God’s messengers. Great messages God is sending: make love on the back of a camel. Just to sit on the back of a camel is so difficult! Lovemaking itself is such gymnastics, and to do those gymnastics on the camel’s back. It will be really a scene! And these are the messages that are being sent, and these are the messengers.

But Mohammedans have never questioned it. Mohammed himself married nine women. Nobody told him that the quantity of men and women on the earth is equal, almost equal, that to marry nine women means you are depriving eight men of having wives. And these eight men are not just going to be sitting and waiting: they will do something, they will become homosexuals. You may not know that in Mohammedan countries homosexuality is thought to be the biggest crime, and for homosexuality the only punishment is the death sentence.

Now, I cannot see the logic. On the one hand, Mohammed allows every Mohammedan at least four wives. Of course he is a prophet, so he has nine, but his followers - because they are his followers - are entitled to have only four wives. This is so unscientific, unbiological, that the remaining men are bound to become homosexuals, perverts. But nobody, not a single Mohammedan in the fourteen centuries since Mohammed, has even bothered.

Christians can understand perfectly well any absurdity that is Christian: they can accept that Jesus was born out of a virgin mother. They know perfectly well it is not the way of nature. The whole story that the Holy Ghost makes her pregnant is a cover-up. Who is this fellow, the Holy Ghost, and why did he stop making other virgins pregnant? He has done a great job giving Jesus to the world, he should be continuously making virgins pregnant: the more Jesuses, the better. But he did it only once - never before, never after - just a single act and the Holy Ghost has disappeared. Nobody bothers to ask; if he is a Christian he will accept the virgin birth, he will accept the resurrection of Jesus after death.

People understand easily what they have been conditioned for. And my work is unconditioning people, deprogramming people. There are other deprogrammers, but they are not really deprogrammers, they are reprogrammers. If a Christian starts becoming a Hindu, they will deprogram the person and reprogram him back into Christianity. I simply deprogram and then leave you alone: I have no program to give you. I want you to be totally alone, fresh, without any borrowed knowledge. Because only then is there a possibility of experiencing the beauty of this existence, the ecstasy of being alive, the meaning, the truth.

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