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Chapter 34: To Relate with Non-Sannyasins Is Bound to Be Difficult

Why it is so difficult for sannyasins to have deep relationships with non-sannyasins?

It is natural.

To be a sannyasin means you are deprogrammed.

To relate with non-sannyasins is bound to be difficult because they are programmed people. Their programmed minds and your deprogrammed minds cannot have anything in common. You will think them stupid; they will think you licentious, rebellious.

There is no possibility of communication.

It will become more and more difficult the more sannyasins get deeper into meditation. Then those people will not be able to understand at all. They will think that you have been corrupted, you have been brainwashed, you have been hypnotized. All kinds of condemnation will come upon you from their side.

And from your side, you cannot conceive how people can go on believing in such stupid ideas. Everything they believe in will look idiotic - their God, their heaven and hell, and their churches, their prayers.

You have become an outsider. You do not belong to the crowd. You have been able to see something of which they are not aware.

It is just like a man having eyes trying to communicate with a group which is blind. There will be a thousand and one difficulties. You cannot mention colors, you cannot mention light; you cannot mention a beautiful sunset, because they will start laughing: “You are living in fantasies - these things don’t exist.”

And for you the problem is that you know they exist, and you know that these people are blind and they need some treatment for their eyes. But you cannot force them; they don’t think they are blind. They simply think that this is how one has to be.

And they are in the majority. They may even violently force your eyes to be destroyed just to help you, so that you don’t talk nonsense. You talk about colors and rainbows and flowers and sunsets and stars - which are not part of their mind at all. But they are powerful. They are in the majority; they have the government in their hands - they can do anything they want.

And you cannot do anything against them, nor would the heart of a sannyasin like to do anything against them - you can only feel compassion for them. You can try to convince them, argue with them, but your arguments and your efforts to convince them are not going to lead you anywhere, because you are speaking two different languages.

It is one of the most difficult things, and it has always been so. Not only to sannyasins, but to all people of greater perceptivity, greater sensitivity, the masses have been antagonistic.

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