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Chapter 7: Conditioning: Socially-Sanctioned Child Abuse

Not only cheap, they are selling it without taking anything from you. Not only that, they are rewarding you: if you purchase their truth they are going to reward you. The Christians will call you a saint, the Hindus will call you a mahatma, a sage. Without any effort, without paying anything you gain so much respectability. All that you have to do is to pretend, to be a hypocrite.

The whole human society is pretending.

What do you know about Christ’s experience?

Without having some taste of it, you are a Christian?

If this is not hypocrisy, then what is hypocrisy?

Knowing nothing about God, you believe in God.

If this is not dishonesty.. Then what else can dishonesty be?

You are not even honest towards God.

An honest, sincere person will start from skepticism. He will inquire. He will put a question mark on every aspect of conditioning that his parents and his society have burdened him with.

But it is understandable about the general masses; they can be forgiven. But how to forgive a man who has attained enlightenment? His enlightenment means he has done away with all the conditions, conditionings, all the programs. He is a deprogrammed man, he is a dehypnotized man. But for an enlightened man to still say that he is Christian is unforgivable, yet this has been happening all through history.

Only very rarely have a few people simply declared their aloneness.

They have taken a small footpath of their own and they have left the super-highway where everybody is moving - of course comfortably. And when you leave the super-highway you will have to create a path just by walking. There is no path ready-made, available to you. That’s why I say truth is costly. You will have to pay for it.

When you walk without there being any path, your feet will bleed. Your mind will try to persuade you to go back to the highway where everybody else is moving, and say, “Don’t be a fool! Here you can get lost. There you were with the crowd; it was warmer. And when there were so many people, it was certain that we were moving in the right direction - so many people cannot be wrong.

“Alone, what guarantee is there that you are going in the right direction? - you don’t have any evidence. On the highway there are millions of people ahead, millions of people behind, millions of people with you. What more proof do you need?”

I can understand that the common man would prefer the super-highway. Whether it is Christian, Hindu, Jaina or Mohammedan doesn’t matter - he has to be with a big crowd. As far as you can see there are only crowds and more crowds, and that gives you a deep conviction that you must be on the right path.

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