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Chapter 23: Religion Is Just Rubbish

So deprogramming is absolutely necessary. That simply means cleaning the person of the past and bringing him back to his innocence of childhood. And it doesn’t matter whom you are deprogramming. Of course, you will have to throw different things. If you are deprogramming an Indian, then certainly you cannot throw a TV because there is no TV. If you are deprogramming an American, the TV has to be thrown. Five or six hours he is glued to his TV each day; it is taking up the major part of his life.

This is something that has to be understood. Humanity has been reduced almost into the state of a spectator. You watch television six hours per day. That means six hours you are not living, you are simply seeing other people live, other people playing: a football match, a boxing competition, and you are simply spectator. Then there is the movie - the same; again you are a spectator. Then there are real matches, and millions of people go mad; and the Olympics - and you are just reduced to a spectator. Eighteen persons are playing the game and one hundred thousand people are simply spectators.

And if you observe in life, everywhere man has been reduced from being active, participant, into a spectator. Now, this kind of life cannot bring you joy. You are not living, you are avoiding living. It is better to compose your own music. It may not be great, it does not matter. You may not become a famous musician; that does not matter either. What matters is that you were composing it yourself. You were not a spectator; you were a participant, you were a creator. And if people are deprogrammed, all their energy will move towards creativity.

You go into the church, you listen to the sermon and that is your religion. You have a Holy Bible and you read the Bible, a few pages every day, and that is your religion. You never live religion, nor does your priest live religion - reading the Holy Bible does not mean living religion. You are again reading something as a spectator.

A deprogrammed person stops being a spectator. He becomes creative on his own. The value is not what he creates, the value is that he creates. Joy comes out of creation. Making any small thing - just making food for someone you love - is immense joy. But in America you need not do it. Everything is available, packaged. The whole creativity is in how to open the can. If you know how to open the can, you are a great cook.

And this is happening in every sphere of life. People are being deceived. Certainly it is easier to open the can, and it is easier for the vested interests who are selling those cans; but you forget completely that there was a joy in cooking, in making something delicious for someone you love, your friends, children, parents. All that is missing.

A deprogrammed person will have to start his life completely from scratch. So our function is not to bother with what is cluttering his mind. American, German, Hindu, Mohammedan does not matter; whatever, we have to throw it out of his mind without any discrimination. The whole mind has to be emptied of all good, bad, whatever he has.

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