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Chapter 2: A Pilgrimage to Your Own Being

You need freedom from the mind, freedom from all the fetters of thought, emotions, moods, sentiments; they all constitute your mind. And beyond them there is a witness, a watcher. That watcher is the buddha.

I have to be hard on this disciple, although he has done a service to humanity. He has kept a record of Bodhidharma’s words, although he is not capable of keeping the record in a right way. But still, his record can be corrected by anybody of the same state as Bodhidharma. So there is no problem. He has done a great service, although he is stupid.

Once in a while, he repeats Bodhidharma:

You can’t know your real no-mind as long as you deceive yourself. As long as you are enthralled by a lifeless form, you are not free.

What is your imprisonment? Your mind is your prison. There are different prisons, but they are all prisons. The Hindu has a different kind of prison, different architecture; the Mohammedan has a different prison, different architecture; the Christian has a different prison, and so on and so forth. But they differ only in their architecture. As far as the prisoner is concerned, they are all prisons. And people move from one prison to another prison in the hope that perhaps they will find freedom. The Christian becomes the Hindu, the Hindu becomes the Buddhist, the Buddhist becomes the Mohammedan and they are simply changing prisons. From one program they move to another program, and what is needed is a deprogramming. That’s what, in scientific terms is the meaning of the word meditation - deprogramming.

If your mind can be completely deprogrammed, it can become a completely erased tabula rasa, a clean slate from which every knowledge has been erased. This innocence is the beginning of no-mind. This innocence is the birth of the buddha in you.

If you don’t believe me, deceiving yourself doesn’t help. It is not the buddha’s fault. People, though, are deluded. They’re unaware that their own no-mind is the buddha. Otherwise, they wouldn’t look for a buddha outside the no-mind.

The greatest delusion according to those who have reached to the highest peak of awareness, is searching and seeking outside yourself for the truth, the meaning of existence, or the deathless, eternal current of life. Mind always tries to look outside, because the very function of the mind is to work in the world. That’s why mind is perfectly okay in science, in business, in economics. In everything that is outside you, then mind is perfectly the right means.

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