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Chapter 29: Become an Unlimited Being

All that is needed is a simple deprogramming. Your mind should be cleaned from being a Brazilian, from being an American, from being an Indian, from being a communist, from being a socialist, from being a Christian, Jew, Hindu. Whatever the name of your limitations, all those limitations should be dropped, so you can become an unlimited being. That is freedom, and that is true revolution - and it is an individual affair.

So take my message to Brazil: please stop hoping, and start living! Out of your living, there is hope. Out of your hoping, there is only death and nothing else.

Brazil has the second highest rate of AIDS in the world. Do you think it is possible to find a medicine against AIDS? Why are gays more sensitive to AIDS?

First, the homosexuals have created the disease AIDS. It is a homosexual contribution to humanity. Then it can spread to heterosexuals, but the source of the disease is homosexuality.

A few things will have to be understood. One, homosexuality is not the way of nature, not the way of existence. Existence always wants the opposite polarities to meet. Then only, can you create a better generation. Homosexuality is uncreative. And homosexuality is between two men, two women: there is no polarity, there is no tension, no challenge.

People first started becoming homosexuals in monasteries, soldiers’ camps, school hostels, university hostels - wherever man was separated from women, it was going to happen.

Biology knows nothing about your moralities. By the time a boy is fourteen he is capable of having a child; the same is true of the girl. But in all societies this is the time when their sex is repressed - and this is also the time when their sex energy is at its climax, between fourteen and twenty-one. Nearabout eighteen, you have your peak sexual energy, which you will never have again.

It seems all societies have conspired that man should not know the blissfulness of orgasmic experience. This was a beautiful way to divert: he has to be educated first, he has to go to the university, and by the time he is back from the university - he may be twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight - he is already on the decline. He has lost the time when he could have attained orgasmic experience. Now he can only experience ejaculation. That proves what the religious people say, that it is a sheer waste of energy, you don’t get anything. And after making love a man feels frustrated; nothing comes out of it. He has missed the right timing - society has diverted him.

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