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Chapter 22: Accept Yourself as You Are

That is the beauty of the religious mind. I call that mind religious which trusts life and says, “Wherever it is going it knows better than me. I have just come, a late arrival, and life has been always and always and always there.” Just trust it.

That is the whole meaning of the Tao group - to flow. If you have a choice, if you say you will not move into sadness, that you want only happiness, then you cannot flow. Flow is only possible if you accept everything as it is, unconditionally.

You could have gone deeper into it if there was not this little resistance about going into depth. Go into depth and you will come up; the deeper you go, the higher you rise. It is exactly like the trees. The deeper their roots go underneath, the higher their branches rise into the sky; it is always in the same proportion. If a tree doesn’t want to go deep, is afraid of the unknown earth - dark, mysterious, deathlike - then the tree cannot rise towards the sun.

This is the way all beings grow. A really mature person is always ready to move wherever life leads. This I call maturity - the understanding that life is greater than you, that you are just a tiny part of it.

So why worry? There is no reason. Move with life.


I had this feeling this morning of(just being.

That’s the whole point!

I think I had the best meditation in my life in the group.

That’s what meditation is - just to be. Then there is no problem. If you can just be, everything is resolved, solved.


I’m getting more than I could ever dream!

That’s right! Life is more beautiful than any dream, and has more to give than anybody can dream, but we settle for less. We settle for nothing and we think that is life. Only when we start entering into new worlds which were always there but of which we were unaware, only then one starts feeling what a wastage, what a criminal wastage. So many people go on living in darkness, and not only that, they resist any effort to bring light to them.

Good! Much more is on the way!


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