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Chapter 7: Total Education

I do not say that education should be abolished, I am saying that the foundation of education should be changed. And if only this education is to continue, if there is no other alternative, if this education is the only alternative, then I say let this whole education be stopped and man go back to the jungles. Then too we will not lose anything.

But I feel there is an alternative. Education can be made total. And if only one thing gets added to it: if its foundations become that of love, of feeling, of heart, of compassion and kindness, if we develop man’s heart first and then his intellect, if the heart leads and the intellect becomes its follower, then this education can become the right education.

I have not lost hope. If I had lost hope I would not say these things to you. I say these things to the teachers in the hope that they will think. There is a great power in their hands. Today or tomorrow the world will hold them responsible if something goes wrong. It is appropriate to reflect before that happens.

If I come back again among you, I will be able to talk to you about how to impart the education of love. Today, if only your attention can be drawn to it, if only this much attention can be drawn to the fact that the house of education based on the foundations of intellect can make a factory but not a temple, I will consider my talk complete. If the temple of life is to be created, the foundation will have to be laid upon love.

Childhood, the period up to fourteen years of age, is a wonderful opportunity for the growth of love. If we miss at that time, we miss it forever. Then there remains no way that we can bring about any change in it. And to bring about a change during the childhood, nothing is needed to be done the streams of love were eager to flow. We knowingly stopped them, we did not allow them to flow. If we can only become an opportunity for their streams of love to flow, we will be able to give birth to a totally new kind of man. And a new man is absolutely needed.

Neither making more and new hydrogen and atom bombs is needed as much, nor is it needed as much that we build sputniks and spaceships to reach to the stars and the moon, nor is it needed as much that we measure the depths of the oceans, nor is it needed as much that we build very big factories, bridges and highways. All these will be useless if man goes wrong. They will all be useless.

At this time, there is only one urgent issue and that is: How do we create the right man? Man is wrong: how to create the right man? Think in this direction.

I said these few things to you, you listened to me with such love and silence I am very grateful. Finally, I offer my salutations to the God residing within all of you, but which you are unaware of. Please accept my salutations.