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Chapter 12: Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard

One man, M.V. Kamath - one of the oldest journalists, intellectual - immediately reacted, and he gave an interview to a newspaper stating, “I was going to write something good about Osho, but because he has insulted Morarji Desai, now I am not going to write what I was going to write.”


And yesterday I received his review of my book Zarathustra - that’s the “something good” he was writing about me. Now, he was in an absolute confusion. He has written such absurd things just to be revengeful, and it has nothing to do with the book Zarathustra. If he was angry at me, it was enough that he had shown his anger in the newspapers. But he writes about Zarathustra that it is contradictory. He does not give any example - a single example would have been enough - “It is inconsistent,” he says, but without any example.

Just because M.V. Kamath says it is inconsistent or self-contradictory it does not become self-contradictory or inconsistent. And he says that there are repetitions in the book. Yes, there are repetitions because it is not a written book. These are lectures, running for months, and one has to understand that a written book is different.

When a person is writing, he can cut; he can remove some passages if there is any tautology, any repetition. He can give the book to a few people to look into to see if they find anything inconsistent. But these are spontaneous talks given to the disciples, and sometimes it is absolutely necessary to repeat a few things again in a different context. They are not repetitions because the context is different.

But just in his own statement, he has made himself a fool - saying, “I was going to write something good,” and just because I have invited Morarji Desai, with conditions, he became angry. Because Morarji Desai had made him an international reporter based in Washington. Just to pay him respect, if he was so much offended, he could have invited Morarji Desai to live in his own house!

Now Morarji Desai is hanging.. The government had given him a house. First he refused, because it is the opposition who is in power, and he does not belong to this opposition party. To take refuge and support from them he felt was undignified, and he was hoping that he would have so many friends who would come to help him. Nobody has come to help him.

Finally he accepted - this is even more humiliating - the government’s offer to him. Until his death he can occupy a certain bungalow. But that bungalow is already occupied by a woman who used to be the education minister in Chavan’s cabinet. Now she is no longer the minister, but she insists she will not vacate the bungalow.

And there are no rules for government bungalows, so she is in a good position. At the most, the government can ask her for the rent, and she is willing to pay the rent. Now there is no way, so the government is searching for another bungalow that somebody can vacate for Morarji Desai. And he is hanging in the air.

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