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Chapter 12: Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard

Now I have denied even Gautam Buddha, for the simple reason that I don’t accept Gautam Buddha as a whole man. He has renounced the world, he has renounced the outer - and a man who is living only with the inner cannot be complete or perfect. Hence, I call myself Zorba the Buddha. But even that is hurting unintelligent people; they don’t understand the meaning of Zorba. Even the Sri Lankan ambassador to America has written me a letter, saying that I should not use the word Buddha with Zorba; it is insulting to Buddha.

I wrote him: in the first place you don’t have any monopoly over the word Buddha. In the second place, anyone who is awakened has the right to call himself the “Buddha,” and my effort to bring Zorba and Buddha together is indicative of my whole philosophical approach. I want the world and your inner being to be in tune. The inner and the outer should be balanced.

Zorba the Buddha is my philosophy. But if it hurts, I am helpless.

But I would like my editors not to put it behind my name. I don’t want to irritate ignorant, blind, unintelligent people around the world. You are my only world; I am living just for you. I renounce the whole world completely.

You should take note of it, Maneesha, that “Shree Rajneesh” is enough to indicate toward me.

As far you are concerned, you can address me as “My Beloved Master.”

I have something more important to do than to bother about these idiots. They don’t understand even their own scriptures ( they are so ugly, they are so pornographic, but they have never read Shivapurana or Vayupurana. They don’t know anything about their own religion, but they get hurt very easily - that shows their conditioned mind. And they have lost all capacity to understand anything new.

I have invited Morarji Desai to the ashram. He has been cheating the owner of the Oceana Building - once I have been in that building with him. He has not been paying, but because he was sometimes chief minister of Bombay, sometimes chief minister of Gujarat, sometimes deputy prime minister of India, and finally he became the prime minister of India, the building owner could not do anything about him. It was at his whim whether to pay the rent or not. Once in a while he would pay.

But now that he is no one, the owner has dragged him to the court, and the court has decided in favor of the building owner. All his followers have simply deserted him. The people who made him chief minister and prime minister - where have they gone? All those chamchas.. It is a special Indian word; it means all those “spoons” who were sucking his blood - they have all disappeared. Not a single one has invited Morarji Desai to be with him in his house. And he had all the richest people of the country as his friends; they were surrounding him and praising him like anything. Now he has only five hundred and sixty rupees in the bank account, and it is so humiliating that Bombay has collected eleven thousand rupees for him to live - for his whole life.

But I invited him, making it clear that in my campus two conditions have to be fulfilled. You have to stop drinking urine; my people don’t like such disgusting habits. And you have to come with a negative AIDS certificate.

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