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Chapter 15: The Smokeless Flame

Words don’t communicate. On the contrary, for higher things they become barriers. For lower things they are bridges; the higher you move, the less and less they are bridges, more and more they are walls.

You say, “You must have told us so many times already, but I still don’t get it.” I will go on saying it again and again, but remember, you will not get it just by listening to me. You will have to be something like me. You will have to imbibe me, you will have to digest me. It is not something verbal that is happening here, it is something existential. It is a love affair.

I am not a teacher, I am not teaching you anything, I am simply imparting something to you. What has happened to me, I am inviting you to partake of it. Be my guest, let me be your host. And if you can even be a guest for a single moment, that which has not been understood for so long will be immediately understood. And not only will it be understood, you will be surprised that you went on missing it. It is so simple; to have understood it would have been simple.

But it is a question of an energy communication. And, slowly, slowly, I will turn the commune into an energy communication. Words can take you only so far, then it has to become a meeting of energies. You have to be electrified by me. You have to allow my pure desiring, my pure energy. It is objectless; I don’t desire a thing, I am simply desire. If you allow yourself to come in contact with this energy, there will be a transformation, a turning point, a conversion.

You say, “What is the seed of desire?” There is no seed of desire. Desire is the seed of all. Desire is the ultimate seed. Existence desired to be man, existence desired to expand, existence desired to create.

Desire is the seed of everything!

If you ask me, I will say existence is desire - that’s why it could desire. Only desire can desire.

You ask, “Is it only in the existence of mind?” No. The mind has only extreme tunnel vision. The mind is as if you are hiding behind a door and looking through the keyhole. Yes, sometimes you can see a bird on the wing, but for only a split second, and it is gone. You see somebody passing by - a beautiful woman, a beautiful man, or a dog - just for a moment, and it is gone. A moment before, it was not there; a moment afterwards, it is no more there. That’s how mind creates time. It is a keyhole.

You see the bird on the wing, and you see it only for just a second. Before that, it was not - do you think it was not? It was, but for you it was in the future, because it was not in front of your keyhole. And after a moment it is no more again - do you think it is no more? It still is, but for you it is past.

The mind is limited, hence it creates divisions - past, present, future. The present is that which for a moment appears on the screen of the mind, and the past is that which is no longer on the screen, and the future that which is not yet. But let me tell you: all is, and always is. Nothing ever goes out of existence, and nothing ever comes into existence. Everything persists, remains.

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