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Chapter 4: Understand Desire

The first question:

How is the energy of thinking transformed into feeling?

The mind has two states. One is moving, flickering, unsteady; this is thought. The other is calm, free of flickering, silent, still; this is bhav-samadhi, the state of supreme bliss. When it is like a lake full of waves it is thought. And if the lake is calm, without waves, it is feeling. The mind can be in either state.

Ordinarily the mind is in the state of thinking because the winds of desire are blowing. A lake ripples because of the winds. The wind blowing makes the lake disturbed. In the same way, the mind ripples because of the winds of desire - I want this, I want that; I want to be like this, I want to be like that. This continuous, intense, inner flame of becoming something, of attaining something, goes on burning - this is what causes the ripples. As soon as desire is gone and the winds have stopped the lake becomes calm and one is attuned to feeling.

This is why all the enlightened ones have said: Understand desire and all will be understood. A person who understands desire has understood the root cause of the arising of insanity within himself, and the person who understands this root cause will no longer give it any support. Who wants to be mad? Who wants to be caught up in this bustling, mad, confusion of thoughts? Who wants to suffer the disease of thinking?

Thinking is a disease, because it is a continuous state of restlessness, of disturbance and tension. Thinking is anguish! It is only because of this thinking that the experience of bliss cannot happen. The experience of bliss can happen the moment thoughts cease. But thoughts will not cease as long as the winds of desire are blowing.

You ask, “How is the energy of thinking transformed into feeling?”

Understand desire. Whatever you are, if you accept it, desire is gone. Be content just as you are with no demand for more - that what is, is the highest delight, that as it is, there is no need for anything to be different. Then this same moment you will be startled: Where have thoughts gone? Feeling has settled.. Slowly slowly you will experience the juiciness of feeling. And when this juiciness of feeling is experienced, then who wants to go into thoughts? A person who is in communion with flowers doesn’t go in search of thorns.

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