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Chapter 13: Sweet Fruits

No, there is no method and no way, and they cannot be shared, because if disease can be taken by somebody, that would mean that somebody else can take the fruit of my doings. Then there will be anarchy. And if somebody else can take the fruit of my doings, then there will remain no law, no rit - the natural law. Then my freedom can also be had by someone else, my liberation can also be had by someone else. My happiness, my suffering, my experience, my knowing, my bliss - anything becomes transferable.

No, nothing in this world is transferred. There is no way for it, simply no way, and it is only proper that there is no way. Yes, such a feeling of sharing arises in one’s heart; that too is good, that too is right. Somebody loving Ramana may desire to take his cancer. This desire creates happiness, and out of this desire the person will earn fruits of goodness. This becomes an accumulated good action on the part of this person. Try to understand this.

Ramana is dying of cancer: somebody may pray in full sincerity and feeling of heart that he should absorb Ramana’s disease. Still he cannot do so, but the very fact that he has felt this way, has felt like taking this disease on himself, becomes an action, a good deed, and he will receive happiness for it.

This is very strange: this person had asked for suffering - but he is doing a wonderful, virtuous deed; he will receive its fruits of happiness. But nothing of Ramana’s disease can be transferred. This feeling which he is having is becoming his own action-impression for which he will get the benefit.

Someone else now stands up and begins to ask: “About Arvind..”

No. Madhu, you created a bad precedent. This will be harmful.

Your intentions are good, but here there are so many people sitting.. Do not start any such thing, it will make everything difficult. It will create disorderliness.

Enough for today.