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Chapter 29: Judgment Day: A Very Stupid Idea

It you look at the history of all the religions you will simply think, “Is this a history of religions, or mad people?”

There has been a Christian sect - it still exists - whose basic prayer is to beat themselves early in the morning as much as they can, till the blood starts coming out of their body - because the body is the enemy. It is the matter that is preventing them from becoming totally spiritual.

It is the body who asks for food, asks for sex, asks for a thousand and one things; and because of these desires they cannot reach desirelessness. This body has to be beaten and put right. Anybody who beats himself better than others becomes a saint, obviously - he is better in beating his body, he has more soul. He is becoming victorious over the body.

In Russia before the revolution, there was a Christian sect which used to cut off their genitals, because these are the troublemakers. But they could not see a single, simple point - that by cutting off the genitals you will not be able to get rid of your sexual mind. The real sex center exists in the mind; the genitals are only extensions of that center. Even without genitals, you will go on thinking about sex - perhaps more than ever.

But by cutting off their genitals, they became spiritual! Of course the women were not going to be left behind; they started cutting off their tits. These people were thought to be very great religious people - they were worshipped. They should be put into mental asylums. But the whole idea arises from the division of God and the world.

There is no God, so don’t be afraid of the judgment day. There is never going to be any judgment day. And anyway, in twenty-four hours, just think - even if your God is absolutely powerful - how many millions of people who have lived for millennia will be gathered on one judgment day in one court? And half of them will be women, who don’t care about the court or anything; they will go yakketty-yak, yakketty-yak.. An immeasurable crowd shouting for judgment!

I don’t think it is manageable just in twenty-four hours to decide who is going where. Judgment day - the very idea is stupid. There will be so many files on everybody that it will take eternity for God to sort out the files. According to many religions you don’t have only one life, you have millions of lives - transmigration of life. And each life - even if you think moderately it is seventy years - will have loads of files about your actions, because even the smallest action has to be counted.

According to Jainism, if you kill an ant it is recorded. Jaina monks use a mask on their nose, like the doctors do in the hospitals, because from the nose comes hot air and that hot air kills very small living beings in the air. With each breath you are killing almost one million living beings. Everything has to be counted. Even while sleeping you are committing sins.

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