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Chapter 3: Returning to the Original Mind

“But I have a two-room flat. Where am I going to put an elephant?”

“‘What is the matter with you? Don’t you recognize a bargain when you see one? As a matter of fact, I have even better news for you. If you want, I can get you two elephants for $300.”

“Ah, now you are talking.”

Now the man has completely forgotten that he has only a two-room flat.

Watch desire. It goes on befooling you; it goes on leading you astray. It goes on leading you into illusions, into dreams.


Before you take a step, watch, be alert. And by and by, you will see desires disappear, and the energy that was invested in desires is released. Millions are the desires, and when the energy is released from all those desires you become a tremendous upsurge of energy. You start soaring high. Naturally, the energy goes on pooling inside. The level of energy goes higher and higher, and one day, you start overflowing from sahasrar. You become a lotus, a one-thousand-petalled lotus.

Enough for today.