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Chapter 5: Just a Little Knack of Losing Yourself

Desire is a very dangerous thing, because you can get lost in desire and millions are lost. The jungle of desires is very thick, and there is no end; one after another you will find desires and desires and desires. And no desire is fulfilling. Every desire only gives you a new frustration, every desire gives you a new desire. But this whole process of desiring takes your energy away from becoming a will to realization, a will to bring your potential into flowering, into its ultimate expression.

Desire is going astray from will.

My effort here is to pull you back from your desires to one single-pointed will - the will that wants to know yourself, the will that wants to be yourself, the will that wants whatever is hidden in you to become manifest.

Mendel saves up for years to buy a really fine tailor-made suit, his very first, but after he has been out in it for an hour or so he notices there are things wrong with it. He goes back to the tailor.

“The arms are too long,” says Mendel.

“No problem. Just hold your arms out further and bend at the elbows.”

“But the trouser legs are too long.”

“Right, no problem. Walk with your knees bent.”

“The collar is too high; it is halfway up the back of my head.”

“Okay. Just poke your head out further.”

So Mendel goes out into the world with his first tailor-made suit. As he is passing a couple in the street the woman says, “Look at that poor man, he must have had polio.”

The man says, “But what a fine suit he is wearing!”

Your desires may give you a fine suit, but they will also make you suffer from polio; everything will be wrong. Your desires will not allow you to be simply yourself, to be exactly your destiny.

Will is a longing to achieve one’s destiny.