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Chapter 6: Enlightenment Is Your Birthright

Now, when grace has arrived, only then will you know you were unnecessarily begging, desiring. All the treasures are yours, the whole kingdom is yours, the whole universe belongs to you. All the joys and all the blessings are yours.

So that, as to thy true rights enlightened.

But this will happen only when you have become utterly enlightened. And what is enlightenment? The ego gone and God has appeared in you - that is enlightenment. The ego is darkness, God is light.

.to thy true rights enlightened.

And this is your right! your birthright - to become enlightened. Never be contented with less than that. It has to be achieved because you are meant to achieve it. You have to become it! because in the first place you are it.

Thou shalt see that the evils which devour men.
Are of their choice the fruit.

And now you will see two things. One: desiring is meaningless because all is given without even asking for it. All is being given as a gift! You need not be a beggar: you are all emperors! The kingdom of God is your own kingdom. It is all already given - you just don’t have the courage and the consciousness to enjoy it.

One thing will become clear: that desiring was futile. It was not needed at all. You were desiring something that is already given to you, that is already the case. And the second thing you will see: that the people who are suffering, who are in misery, are being devoured by evils, that is their own choice. Suffering is our own choice. Grace, blessing, is a gift: suffering is a choice. Blessing is our nature - to be blissful, to be blessed, is natural.

To be miserable, to be in suffering, is our own effort, it is our own creation. Suffering has the signature of man, blessing has the signature of God. Suffering has to be earned - when you are able to see you will be surprised: suffering needs much more work, much more effort, because to suffer is almost making the impossible possible. It is not your nature to suffer, and still you create it. It needs arduous effort. Going against nature needs much work - and people are working day in, day out, year in, year out, life in, life out, people are working hard to create more and more suffering for themselves.

If you are suffering, remember, you must be creating it. There is no other way to suffer.