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Chapter 8: Fast Asleep and Snoring

Whatsoever you are enjoy it, delight in your being, and then suddenly time disappears, because time exists only with desiring, future exists because you desire. Then you will be like birds - listen to them. Then you will be like trees - look: the freshness, the greenery, the flowers.

Please, be where you are.

I am not here to create a new desire in you. I am simply here to make you aware of the whole absurdity of desiring. Desiring is sansar. Understanding the futility of desire is to become enlightened. One who has found out that “I am already that which I always wanted to be,” is a buddha. And you are all buddhas; howsoever fast asleep and snoring - that makes no difference.

Let me be your alarm! Open your eyes - you have slept long enough! It is time to awake, the morning is knocking at the door..

The second question:

When I encounter you, you are always total compassion and loving warmth. Why do we never encounter you in total anger like Gurdjieff or the Zen masters. After all, the way we carry on here, we surely deserve it sometimes.

Of course! You deserve it.but that is not my way of working, that is not the way I am.

I don’t function according to you, I function according to me. I don’t do a single thing because of you, because then it will be unnatural, then it will be a pretension and then I will be going out of my self-nature.

You deserve it - I know! But nothing can be done - I am helpless. You may deserve anger, but I will go on giving my love. This much I know, that the only way to make you alert and aware is to remain in my self-nature, so that it becomes a constant remembrance to you - to fall into your self-nature.

I would like you to be centered in yourself, so nothing disturbs, nothing distracts; whatsoever happens around you remains like a dream and you remain rooted in your being. That can be done in only one way. That is: I should remain absolutely rooted in myself. I should not be distracted by you, whatsoever you do should not be a consideration. Whatsoever my self-nature can do spontaneously is the only consideration.

And this much I know: if my love cannot transform you, my anger will not be able to, because love is a greater force than any anger; if my compassion cannot help you, nothing can help; and the more you become alert, you will feel. You can bear my anger easily - you are already conditioned for it - but you cannot bear compassion. It hits you hard, and deeper.

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