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Chapter 3: A Gap of Millions of Miles

How to stop the projector? Be herenow. Don’t try in any way to become somebody else; accept that which you are. Drop all ideas of improvement. Drop all ideas of bettering yourself. Drop all ideas of achieving something; there is nothing to be achieved. Empty-handed we come, empty-handed we go, and in the meanwhile, empty-handed we remain. And if you think your hands are full then you are befooling yourself, then you are taking dreams as reality. Your hands may be full of dreams.

You must have heard about the Japanese discipline of karate. The word karate is very meaningful. It comes from a root which means empty-hand. It says: a man can become a great warrior if he understands totally the meaning of being empty. If somebody understands that “Empty-handed I have come, empty-handed I will go, and empty-handed I am here,” then there is nothing to lose. Who can conquer a person who has nothing to lose? Who can defeat a person who has nothing to lose? Who can frighten a person who has nothing to lose? By understanding this emptiness he becomes a great warrior. It is impossible to defeat him, it is impossible to rob him, it is impossible to kill him - because he is already empty. He holds nothing in his hands. By not holding anything, he goes beyond life and death.

That is Jesus’ meaning when he says again and again, “Lose yourself.” And those who are not going to lose themselves, they will lose; and those who are ready to lose, they will gain. The losers will become winners, and the winners will become losers. Those who are empty will be fulfilled, and those who are trying to fulfill themselves will remain empty. This is the paradox.

Understand the very motivation of all ideas, thoughts, desires. It is a seed-like thing. Watch inside: why can’t you be herenow? Why is it that you are always thinking of somewhere else? Why can’t you be happy as you are? Why are you thinking that tomorrow you will be happy? How can you be happy tomorrow if you are not happy today? - because tomorrow is going to be born out of this moment. Out of this moment the next moment is going to be born. Today is going to become the parent of tomorrow. If you are unhappy today, you will be more unhappy tomorrow. By that time you will have learned many more tricks to be unhappy. You are practicing them, and you hope to be happy tomorrow? - then you are in a hopeless rut! You desire for tomorrow? - then you are continuously missing all that is here, and that is the only reality there is. If even for a single moment you can put aside desiring, then the projector stops and the dreaming stops and you are able to face reality.

Nothing has happened. Reality is as it has always been from the very beginning. Nothing has happened and nothing will happen, so all your desiring is futile because you are trying for something to happen. Your whole effort is to make something happen: riches, wealth, power, prestige. Your whole effort is for something to happen, but:

Nothing has happened
and nothing will happen.
What is there, is there.

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