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Chapter 10: Nature Loves to Hide

Nothing is wrong in desiring; desiring in itself is beautiful.if a buddha desires. But you desiring, how can you desire something which will lead you towards bliss? No - because desire comes out of you, it is part of you, it is a continuity. And if you are wrong, the desire is going to be wrong. It will repeat you again and again; in different situations, of course, in different worlds, on different planets, in different lives, but your desire will repeat you. Your desire cannot transform you. That’s why I say to people, “If you want to take sannyas, if you want to take a jump into the unknown, don’t think about it - leave it to me!” Why the emphasis on leaving it to me? Just so that you don’t desire it. Let it be something which has not come from you, because whatsoever comes out of you will be you - modified, colored in different ways, but it will be you.

If you are a businessman and desire moksha, it will be a business; it cannot be otherwise. You will be looking for profit - in the other world, of course, but whatsoever comes out of your mind will be out of your past. And a break is needed, a complete rift is needed, a rift which is unbridgeable.

That is the meaning of going to a master and surrendering. What do you surrender? You surrender your desiring - what else can you surrender? Nothing else have you got. You say, “Now I will not desire. Now you say something and I will do it.” You are allowing something else to enter in your past. If you say, “Yes, I’m convinced. I’m ready to take sannyas,” the sannyas will be futile. If out of your conviction a sannyas happens, it is meaningless. But this is the trouble: you would like to be convinced first; you would like to argue about it first. Your mind would like to settle for it.

People come to me and they say, “Unless the desire comes to us, how can we take the jump?” But precisely this is the problem. You have been desiring out of yourself continuously for many lives. It leads nowhere - it cannot. Can you see the point? You are wrong, you desire, the desire goes wrong. You are wrong, you believe, the belief goes wrong. You have heard about King Midas? Whatsoever he touches becomes gold. Whatsoever you touch, even if it is gold, it is immediately turned into dust. The question is not of a right desire or a wrong desire, the question is of a right being or a wrong being. The question is not of a right act or a wrong act. There are no right acts and no wrong acts, there are no right desires or wrong desires. There is only a desiring being. If it is ignorant, whatsoever comes out of it is going to be wrong. And if the desiring being is not ignorant, then something totally different is born out of him.

Remember: Being matters and only being matters - nothing else.

It would not be better
if things happened to men
just as they wish.

Stop wishing! You have been living in hells because you have been wishing. Stop desiring! Stop desiring and the doors are open. Desiring is bringing your mind into existence. Try to understand the nature of desire. Desiring means projecting your past into the future, and the future is unknown, and whatsoever you ask will be from the past. All desiring will repeat the past again and again. How can you desire the unknown? That which is in the future, how can you desire it? You don’t know it. The future is the unknown, the past is the known. If you desire, it will be from the past.

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