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Chapter 38: Enjoy This Orgasmic Moment

Prepare for it. And the most essential thing is to understand the orgasmic moment: thoughtless, timeless, mindless, just a pure awareness. In that pure awareness you can attract a Gautam Buddha. The way you are making love, it is strange that more Adolf Hitlers, Mussolinis, Stalins, Nadirshahs, Tamerlanes, Genghis Khans, are not attracted. You attract only mediocre people. You don’t attract the lowest either, because for the lowest your love has to be almost a rape. For the highest, your love has to be a meditation.

The child’s life begins from the moment the soul enters into the womb. If it has come into a meditative space, it is possible to have a child without conditioning him. In fact, a child who is born out of meditation cannot be conditioned; he will rebel against it. Only mediocre people can be conditioned.

And a couple who is capable of meditativeness while making love is no ordinary couple. They will be respectful to the child. The child is a guest from the unknown, and you have to be respectful to the guest. Parents who are not respectful to their children are bound to destroy their lives. Your respect, your love, your gratitude that, “You have chosen us as your parents,” will be responded to with deeper respect, more gratitude, more love.

And when you love a person, you cannot condition him. When you love a person, you give him freedom, you give him protection. When you love a person you would not like him to be just a carbon copy of yourself, you would like him to be a unique individual. And to make him unique you will arrange all the conditions, all the challenges which provoke his potential.

You will not burden him with knowledgeability, because you would like him to know the truth himself. Any borrowed truth is a lie. Unless it is experienced by you, it is never the truth.

You will help the child to experience more and more things. You will not tell him lies, that there is a God. It is a lie, because you have not seen God. Your parents lied to you, and you are repeating it in your turn to your child. Your parents conditioned you, and what is your life? - a long misery from cradle to grave. Do you want your child’s life also to be just a misery, full of suffering, anxiety, despair?

There is only one statement in the whole Holy Bible which I am not against. The statement is, “God can forgive everything, but not despair.” Whoever wrote it must have been a man of immense understanding. God cannot forgive only one thing, and that is despair. But everybody is living in despair - God or no God, despair is a reality. It is self-destruction. If you love your child, you will make him rejoice, laugh, enjoy, dance. But just the opposite is being done.

In my house in my childhood, it used to be that when some guest was coming they used to get rid of me by sending me somewhere. And the moment they started talking about sending me somewhere - that I have to go to see the doctor because I have had a cold for so many days, I would say, “Nothing doing. I know my cold and I know the doctor; I will choose my time to go. At least this time I cannot go - cold or cancer, it makes no difference.”

They said, “But why?”

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