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Chapter 4: Death Is Life

We are also earthen pots. There is plenty inside - its nature the same as the divine, as the ocean - but how can it be compared with what is outside? The earthen pot has also to be broken one day. This self, this “I,” this ego is surrounding you. But the day you come to know the full beauty of the self, that day the earthen pot becomes a pot made of gold. It becomes very difficult to break it.

That is why many times strange kinds of egos are born in a seeker. Many times the last thing which stops the seeker on his path of meditation is that place where his “I” becomes gold, where he feels that he is the master of infinite potency, infinite knowledge, infinite power. This declaration becomes a very deep declaration of his inner “I.” Those who stop here, stop at the seventh sutra. And this stopping is just as if a person, after arriving at his destination, stops at the door. He completes the whole journey but stops just short of the destination.

And this happens: a person walks thousands of miles, but as he comes closer to his destination it becomes difficult to take even a single step. He is able to walk for miles, he is able to run while the destination is far away, but as it starts coming closer, exhaustion starts taking over. It has often happened that after arriving just outside their destination, people have stopped to rest.

Many seekers get stuck at the seventh stage. The eighth stage is a jump - a great leap. The fact of attaining one’s self is not such a big thing, but the fact of dissolving it is much bigger. Then the question arises in the mind, “Why should one lose one’s self?” If we ourselves are not there, then what is the meaning, the purpose of whatever will be there? If the self is not there, then what will enlightenment be for, what will godliness be for, what will yoga be for, what will religiousness be for?

Freedom can be dropped for the self; but freedom from the self is a very difficult thing. Freedom for the self is very easy: your mind feels that “I should become free, liberated.” But in freedom from the self a big obstacle to the mind arises. That is where the readiness for that last jump is required. But yoga contains the ways in which that last jump can be completed.

After the seventh, the most important search that begins when entering the eighth stage is for “Who am I?” - now the search for this begins. Up to the seventh sutra you are coming to know “What am I?” “How far am I. ”But “Who am I?” you do not know up to the seventh sutra. The search for “Who am I?” becomes the eighth sutra.

And the deeper we search, the more we find that “I” does not end here either; “I” exists not only up until here but beyond this also - beyond and beyond. The search goes on and on, and all the boundaries dissolve, and in the end you come to know that whatever is there in existence, “I” am all of that. The day you come to know that “I am all that exists” - that day “I” does not remain, because there remains no “you.” There remains no “you” anywhere; everything is one.

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