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Chapter 1: Listening with the Heart

By following these sutras your mind will come to the state that is an absolute necessity for realizing peace and truth. Along with these three sutras, I wish to explain to you the two kinds of meditation we will begin to do from tomorrow morning.

The first meditation is for the morning. During this meditation you must hold your spine erect, close your eyes and keep your neck straight. Your lips should be closed and your tongue should touch the palate. Breathe slowly but deeply. Keep your attention near the navel. Remain aware of the tremor you feel at the navel because of the breathing. This is all you have to do. This experiment calms the mind and empties thoughts completely. From this emptiness one ultimately enters within oneself.

The second meditation is for the night. Spread your body on the floor comfortably and let all your limbs relax completely. Close your eyes and for about two minutes suggest to yourself that the body is relaxing. Gradually the body will become relaxed. Then for two minutes suggest that your breathing is becoming quiet and your breathing will become quiet. Finally, for another two minutes suggest that thoughts are coming to a halt. This determined suggestion leads to complete relaxation, tranquility and emptiness. When the mind has become perfectly calm, be totally awake in your inner being and be a witness to this peace. This witnessing will lead you to your self.

You must do these two meditations. As a matter of fact they are really artificial devices and you are not to get stuck to them. With their help, the mind’s restlessness dissolves. And just as we no longer need a ladder after climbing, one day we will have to give up these devices as well.

Meditation attains perfection the day it becomes unnecessary. This very state is samadhi, enlightenment.

Now the night is well advanced and the sky is filled with stars. The trees and the valleys have gone to sleep. We will also go to sleep now. How quiet and silent it all is! We will also merge into this silence. In deep sleep, in dreamless sleep we go to the very place where the divine dwells. This is the spontaneous, non-conscious samadhi that nature has bestowed upon us. Through meditation we also reach the same place, but then we are conscious and aware. This is the only difference. And it is a great difference indeed. In the former we go to sleep, in the latter we become awakened.

Let us now go into sleep with the hope that going into awakening will also become possible. When hope is accompanied by determination and endeavor it certainly becomes fulfilled.

May existence guide us along the path. This is my only prayer.